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Headquartered in New York City, our Destination Brand expertise has made a meaningful impact on some of the most iconic real estate developments and hotels in the US.

Creating value only happens when you make a real difference. We are driven to think smarter, create better work and achieve bigger results.

We couldn’t be any more different – from our backgrounds and interests to our desires and quirks. But it’s these collisions of difference that make CO OP a very special company.
Jim Moran - COOP
Jim Moran
Founding Partner, Chief Executive Officer

I’m the incurable, optimistic entrepreneur who drives the ship. With an ever-present smile and boundless energy, I’m always looking for practical solutions that maximize the potential of our clients. I’m a bit competitive (you have to be when you work with two English partners), but it drives my passion for the betterment of CO OP’s clients and our team.

Paul Newman
Paul Newman
Founding Partner, Chief Creative Officer

The moment I stepped into the Kent Institute of Art & Design, my world changed. Art college was just a surreal and wonderful place – a creative sanctuary full of like-minded people. It was a brilliant experience with a blank canvas. After four years, I walked out the door with a creative brief for my career, a Bachelor of Arts degree, and more importantly, an open mind.

Simon Hunter COOP
Simon Hunter
Partner, Chief Innovation Officer

I come from seven generations of missionaries. I’ve lived on three continents in three amazing cities: Hong Kong, London, and New York. I’ve done business in 44 countries. I am driven to explore places and to understand what makes people tick. And I have the rare knack of always having my bearings. Oxford University trained my brain and gave me a love of big words.

Melissa Lerner - CO OP
Melissa Lerner
Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Two years ago, I became a single mom to my beautiful daughter, Isabella. My priorities shifted and I realized the importance of balancing my family support and love for her with my love for work as an operations specialist. Ironically, I find the two feed off each other, as I’m responsible for streamlining processes and improving workflow with focus on overall company profitability and launching new systems for bill / pay, campaign management and programmatic buying platforms.

Jennifer Grady COOP
Jennifer Grady
Associate Partner, Managing Director, NY

Originally from Austin, I subscribe to the Texan mythology 100 percent that you “Don’t mess with Texas” and respect the land. So, I bring out my protective Texas momma bear when needed. I believe that “bigger is better” — big ideas, big risks, big laughs, big hair. I’m dubious of characters who are “all hat, no cattle,” haven’t pulled their weight or take themselves too seriously. I’m inspired by pioneers with an entrepreneurial, fearless spirit. And just for the record, I know how to use a rattlesnake kit.

Sean Phillips - COOP
Sean Phillips
SVP, Client Development
It’s in my nature to ask lots of questions. I’m guilty of this because I’m a former journalist. Now, I ask those questions to reveal how CO OP can provide value to our clients. I’ve traveled the world (on foot and on a bicycle), so I understand how destinations create memorable experiences. But it takes good brand to make it happen. That’s why I feel at home at CO OP.
Ashleigh Dupost COOP
Ashleigh Dubost
Director of Marketing

As the oldest of five kids, I’ve always thrived in chaos. I love when my environment challenges me to find creative solutions. This is what initially attracted me to the branding and marketing world. I revel in the messiness and the imperfections that come from developing great creative. You have to pivot, start again, rethink until ultimately, beauty emerges from the chaos.

Zoe Duce
Director of Client Services

Since I can remember, I’ve always been bossy and mischievous. I suppose it explains (subconsciously) why I love to get things sorted in the most common sense, efficient and creative way (using my persuasive charm of course) to bring out the best out of people. I love to travel because you get to experience different cultures and behaviors, meeting people from all walks of life. I try to visit 10 countries a year but since I moved to the US visiting 10 states a year is more manageable. Oh, and trying all the different food and drink a place has to offer – that’s the best bit.


Cressida Payavis COOP
Cressida Payavis
Director of Creative

The pragmatist in me decided to major in business. The dreamer in me longed to study the arts. After one semester, I decided to follow my passion. While my father was traveling in the Middle East, I changed my major from business to art. When my father returned he said, “you better turn your art into a business.” And that’s exactly what I did.

Christina Summerfield
Director of Strategy
I’ve run small businesses, aided in building start ups and have guided large organizations through significant change, all of which have shaped my ability to think multidimensionally. Being a mother of two has honed my ability to multitask and quickly get to the insights and actions that matter. I relish opportunities to partner with clients to truly understand their needs and build brands that excite and engage and are equally meaningful and measurable.
Rachel Young COOP
Rachel Young
Creative Operations Manager
I think It’s in my blood to wear many hats and play multiple roles. From a maternity fashion designer, event planner, iOS producer, avid color-coder to pet rescuer. This eclecticism has both influenced and inspired me in taking on a multifaceted solutions approach to operations at CO OP and my view of the world.
Daniel Yang COOP
Daniel Yang
EVP, Controller
I’ve always been curious by nature. And what I mean by that is I’m interested in my natural surroundings; people, personalities, interactions and how all these things come together. All these components help me in my job to achieve the goals of the business. I strive to understand the motivations of each partner to help ensure success at CO OP. And of course that means making sure the numbers add up.
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Founded: 2002

First Office: LPQ, Soho

First Client: IMAX

Market Expertise: New York, Boston, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Houston

Destination Expertise: Commercial, Corporate, Hospitality, Mixed Use, Residential, Retail

Founding Partners’ Birthdays: March 24th