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Jennifer Wallace Grady

Jennifer Grady
Associate Partner, Managing Director NY

Originally from Austin, I subscribe to the Texan mythology 100 percent that you “Don’t mess with Texas” and respect the land. So, I bring out my protective Texas momma bear when needed. I believe that “bigger is better” — big ideas, big risks, big laughs, big hair. I’m dubious of characters who are “all hat, no cattle,” haven’t pulled their weight or take themselves too seriously. I’m inspired by pioneers with an entrepreneurial, fearless spirit. And  just for the record, I know how to use a rattlesnake kit.
A consummate planner, I value the doing. I empower teams, set goals and then let the magic happen. I’m the coach, the cheerleader and the referee. I foster potential and create the guardrails. I help great ideas come to life.
I’m a stickler for the rules, but I secretly applaud when someone breaks them for greater success. I’m not nearly as brave as I think I am — discovered that AFTER I skydived out of a perfectly working plane. I spent my entire swim with whale sharks wondering what else was lurking in the water.
I’ve traveled all over the world for work, education and play — I can say cheers in many languages.
My young daughter reminds me of all those lessons you learned in kindergarten: be kind, use your listening ears, wait your turn, and go with your gut instinct. It’s these collective experiences that have guided my professional career.
I’ve worked on high-profile, national omni-channel brands and small passion projects. I’ve worked with inspiring, visionary clients who are changing the world with transformative ideas. I’ve worked alongside sharp, funny, brilliant teammates who inspire and constantly redefine what a brand can do.
So this is where I’ve landed:
Sometimes you have to fake being brave. Think BIG. Protect and fight for visionary ideas. Rules are made to be bent and sometimes broken. Listen. If you’re going to swim with sharks, know what you’re getting into. Foster an entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude. Work hard but don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s OK to be tough, if you’re fair. Laugh. Be respectful. In your own words. Say cheers.

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