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Melissa Lerner
Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Two years ago, I became a single mom to my beautiful daughter, Isabella. My priorities shifted and I realized the importance of balancing my family support and love for her with my love for work as an operations specialist. Ironically, I find the two feed off each other, as I’m responsible for streamlining processes and improving workflow with focus on overall company profitability and launching new systems for bill / pay, campaign management and programmatic buying platforms.
As a specialist in planning and operations, I was the senior liaison between the planning teams and the financial teams. I have more than 20 years of experience in advertising, with 17 years in media. At my last agency, my team founded the non-traditional media group and established it as a separate smaller subsidiary company in which I was the Partner who acted in the capacity of COO. Prior to EnPlay, I worked at Ogilvy, Mindshare, Kinetic, Zenith, Mediavest, MPG and Aegis.
Two unique experiences in my previous roles were 1) assisting media owners in creating custom packages for clients to provide tools and concepts for organic agency growth 2) working with clients to develop media opportunities and signage opportunities in their venues (establishing their own custom packages to sell to their advertisers).
Before moving to the operations side, I worked in account management and client relations. That includes categories such as credit cards, financial institutions, luxury fashion brands, travel, airlines, automotive, pharmaceuticals, packaged good, beverages, beer and alcohol and quick-service restaurants. I was part of many successful teams in terms of developing business for the OOH space and contributed to numerous award-winning or nominated OOH media plans. I also contributed to the OOH / non-traditional chapter of a University of Colorado textbook for advertising and marketing classes.
A couple of things about my social life that people would be surprised to learn is that I love gambling and I love football (gambling on football, too!). I can take an educated gamble and risk as needed, which is interesting in my professional life. I am always very detailed in my work and very diligent about process and procedures but I can take educated risks to live in the gray area. This is very exciting and interesting for how I can be the educated risk-taker for CO OP and our CO OP clients.

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