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Paul Newman
Founding Partner, Chief Creative Officer

The moment I stepped into the Kent Institute of Art & Design, my world changed. Art college was just a surreal and wonderful place – a creative sanctuary full of like-minded people. It was a brilliant experience with a blank canvas. After four years, I walked out the door with a creative brief for my career, a Bachelor of Arts degree, and more importantly, an open mind.
I’ve always been a part half-glass-empty pragmatist, part creative realist, part moody Brit, but generally a nice down-to-earth bloke. My personality is pretty constant. There are no acts or theater involved, just the raw truth — like it or not. This tends to be my internal filter for knowing what feels right — whether that’s coming up with the ideas that have longevity, creating compelling content that give brands substance, or internally cultivating and shaping the best talent for CO OP.
I love design and am a frustrated architect at heart. I’m really inspired by things old and new and get excited when they collide to make something magical. This is why I relished designing CO OP’s Broad Street space. It’s an eclectic mix of industrial and organic, warm and cold. It’s a great place for us to collaborate, to be inspired, to ideate and to have fun.

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