5 Houston Center

An Influential Place For All

Redefining a reputable commercial building as a place to cultivate relationships.

Spheres Of Influence

A space to establish and strengthen relationships.

Great Connection, Greater Houston

A brand that fosters greater connection between people and the city they share.

A Word From The Partner-In-Charge

It’s always a challenge to shift perceptions of something that’s already “good.” But with the Houston market’s shifting dynamics and Spear Street’s vision for change, it gave our team the kind of branding challenge is loves – maximizing the potential of a brand’s future evolution. Our work helped retain and improve the building experience, increased actual (and perceived) value, increased competitive rents and improved Spear Street’s reputation of excellence in Houston.

Jim Moran

Founding Partner, Chief Executive Officer



Spear Street Capital


Houston, TX

Brand Work:

Strategy, Identity, Activation, Leasing Center Concept and Design, Signage