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Austin, TX

A Launch Pad For Bold Ideas

Alto is located in the city’s most popular neighborhood, East Austin. Being one of the hottest relocation hotspots for tech talent in the country, its location has attracted the likes of Oracle, SpaceX, and Palantir. Alto bet big on developing a building for the future, where brands can stimulate, innovate, and create. 

Intriguing. Eye-Catching. Refined.

To create a place that takes on and highlights the uniqueness, personality and authenticity of East Austin, while showcasing its bold and refined energy. By using the neighborhoods’ creative tension of both high and low perspectives, we were able to create a place that is guaranteed to bring the world its next best thing.

Make. Believe.

The brand idea for ALTO comes from the idea of MAKING BELIEVE. We imagined MAKING something that looks and feels like you are seeing something different for the very first time…something that feels unique and personal to the brand, and most like what it should be. We were inspired by and BELIEVE that the use of vibrant and familiar colors used in a slightly progressive manner, makes everything work in perfect harmony. The use of chunkier and larger style font styles, plays with the juxtaposition of Alto being high, light, and airy in theory, and the identity being wide, strong, and bold in reality.

How We Made

Market Research
Brand Strategy
Verbal Identity
Visual Identity
Communications Design
Film Concepts & Production
Web Design and Development

CO OPerate With Us.

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