Bell Works

Inspired by the history of place

Transforming a legacy of innovation into a new suburban town center.

Eero Saarinen Would Have Been Proud

Preserving the unique architectural character through the brand.

Inspiring All Audiences

Creating tools to create successful leasing, visiting, living.

Can A Place Be a Start Up?

Placemaking with a difference.

A Word from Partner-In-Charge

Eero Saarinen was ahead of his time here. He built a massive box the size of three football fields in the middle of nowhere filled it with a bunch of scientists-what else are they going to do besides come up with with great inventions. It’s the same concept you see tech and innovation campuses aspiring to recreate today. The brand idea came from Bell Labs’ and Saarinen’s original vision: a place where “Anything is Possible”.

Paul Newman
Founding Partner, Chief Creative Officer



Somerset Development Corp


Holmdel, NJ

Brand Work:

Brand Strategy, Naming, Identity, Brand Film, Campaign, Print Collateral, Website, Signage


Mixed Use