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Cambridge Crossing

Cambridge, MA

Finding New Room for Innovation

Cambridge Mass is the birthplace of biotech, digital, and new media innovation. With one of the highest densities of PhDs and startups in the country, DivcoWest bet on building big for the future. Forty-six acres and an ambitious design started to form what would become a new destination for companies seeking a mature presence in the city.

Discovering the Cambridge Triangle

To create a place that speaks to new ideas as loudly as Cambridge, we had to create a new point within the city. Harvard Square and Kendall Square were hot spots for the city’s innovative culture. We created a third point on the Cambridge Triangle, linking the next place for big ideas to the historical foundation for great thinking.

A Home for Brave Ideas

Inspired by a mantra: “This is what bravery would look like if bravery were a place”, Cambridge Crossing was put on the map. We imagined a community around life, work, play, and community; an interaction amplifier. The brand brings to life the ambition, resources, and possibilities onsite. The classic name was paired with a dynamic and futuristic visual identity. This duo grounds the offer in the historic legacy of the area and poses a challenge to those who dare.

Cambridge Crossing Brand Identity

How We Made
Cambridge Crossing

Market research
Brand Strategy
Verbal Identity
Visual Identity
Brand Activation
Communications Design
Film Concept and Production
Print and Collateral
Web Design and Development


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