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Brooklyn, NY
Forest City Ratner

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

At the cusp of Fort Greene and Downtown Brooklyn, 80 Dekalb is a stunning 36 floor, 365 unit residential rental development. But there were numerous challenges to marketing this high-end rental: from the over-supply of competitive rental units especially with the entry of “rent-o-minimums”, to the renter unfamiliarity of a new kind of Manhattan-like rental tower in a quintessential Brooklyn neighborhood.

Becoming Brooklyn

CO OP saw an opportunity for Forest City Ratner to position 80 Dekalb or DKLB BKLN as the only modern Manhattan-style high-rise rental in Brooklyn and inspire renters to join the dynamic and desirable Fort Greene community. Rather than appearing to be a disconnected outpost, we needed to bring a Brooklyn-ness to life.

The Home for Mobile Urbanites

CO OP targeted a new psychographic audience that we called mobile urbanites: people who wanted a tangible connection to an evolving cultural life, a modern spin on services ala a boutique hotel, an enlightened sense of design from corner to green views, and a way to achieve a higher standard of living and experience. It’s a brand they could be proud of.

dklb bkln

“We were all quite concerned in November about whether we would make our numbers and have the kind of absorption that we projected. One year later, the building was 97 percent leased at pro forma.”

-Maryanne Gilmartin, Former EVP, Forest City Ratner

How We Made

Brand Strategy
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Brand Campaign
Print and Collateral
Website Strategy & Design
Signage & Wayfinding
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leased in 3 months


leased in 9 months


visitors to website in 2 months


years later, the brand has stood the test of time

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