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Durham ID

Durham, NC

Creating an ID for Durham ID

Durham ID offers an unusual life-sciences offering in The Research Triangle. Its 27 acre campus isn’t in suburban North Carolina, but integrated into Downtown Durham. Longfellow’s vision was for Durham ID to become a 1.8 million SF mixed-use development that attracted the top tech companies in the country; but the challenge was that the existing brand didn’t live up to the grand vision. CO OP was brought in to breathe new life into the brand and create an authentic and different development in Downtown Durham that would inspire CEO’s, future workers, and locals to not only work, but live and work at Durham ID.

Celebrating the Bull City’s Strengths

There is a unique character to Durham, NC. It’s a city of true originals: eclectic, creative, smart, ambitious, and especially friendly. So we created a brand infused with the energy, unexpectedness and open-ness of this community. Our first step: evolve the visual identity and create a brand campaign that celebrates the city’s vibrancy, charm and innovation.

A Home for Open Innovation

With a focus on tech CEO’s, the brand promised a unique innovation experience in Durham NC; a place dedicated to a more collaborative and community-engaged form of innovation. It is evident from the moment that you see the identity, new wayfinding system and community activations that you’re in a magnetic place buzzing with energy and the excitement of the next big idea.  

How We Made
Durham ID

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
Brand Campaign
Brand Activation
Web Strategy & Design
Wayfinding & Signage

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