Gamut Smart Media

Empower a Start-up to Compete like a Media Powerhouse

Cox Communications have been at the forefront of media sales for over 100 years, and is responsible for over 40% of all television airtime sales in USA. However, its digital sales unit was fragmented, inefficient and ineffective.

Brand needed to address fundamental business issues: rationalize multiple brands, offerings and services to meet client needs; galvanize and unite the organization; create credibility as a digital powerhouse with a sustainable competitive market advantage; to identify and accelerate innovation to drive new revenue streams. We created a brand that ran the gamut.

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To make brand work we crafted an inspiring brand idea that everyone across the organization could adopt. “Understanding Activated” became the driving force behind all professional interactions and decisions. Rooted in the company’s unique perspective on the media industry, “Understanding Activated” helped deliver consumer value through insights and analytics.

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“It was a tall order to create a new name and identity that could bring such a complex set of values to life. GAMUT is a TV word, meaning the full spectrum, and it sounds like a powerful tech company. And of course, for Understanding Activated, the logo activates everything around it.” — Ian Lewis Campbell, Senior Strategist

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Gamut doesn’t just describe the name of the organization. We rolled out the brand from Stationery to the Office Space; From New Product Offerings to the Sales Tools that launched them; From Internal Team Alignment to Client Promotions. A comprehensive a powerful launch worthy of a media powerhouse.

Partner Point of View

Like many great names, when we first presented the name Gamut, it was met with surprise and skepticism. By the time the brand launched, they told us no other name could have worked, and wanted to know how we could we did it.

Simon Hunter
Partner, Chief Innovation Officer






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