IN: Total Wellness

IN: Total Wellness

Fusing the ancient and modern to create better healing.
A pioneering alternative medicine company.

Not another “Trust Me” brand

Launching the most effective herbal formulas today – more contemporary, more personal and more effective.

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Active Healing

Speaking to the brand values: the duty of healing, the intimacy of friendship, and the creativity of innovation.

You can find IN: Total Wellness and its products IN: Dream (sleep deep), IN: Motion (move more) , and IN: Peace (stress less) on Amazon.

A Word From The Partner-In-Charge

When every brand shouts “I’m Authentic” it is rare to build a brand that truly has integrity. Simone Wan, founder, metropolitan mum, licensed Chinese medicine healer, entrepreneur, inspires a brand that channels ancient wisdom for the modern world.

Simon Hunter
Partner, Chief Innovation Officer



IN: Total Wellness


Fairfield, Connecticut

Brand Work:

Strategy, Branding, Identity, Packaging, Advertising