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New York, NY
Corporate Rebrand

Making a difference by showing difference

Magna was a startup with an upstart attitude. As a new and different-thinking ventures company, they blended entrepreneurialism, youth and ambition. But their brand efforts were focused on making them seem like an older, established company. This made them blend into the crowd, and worse, it meant potential partners were expecting a completely different kind of approach.

Turning Culture into a Business Tool

Our brand journey started by understanding the people of Magna and identifying exactly what made the company unique and powerful. We discovered a culture embarrassed by being young. We found a hesitancy to embrace their true nature. They were a company that saw the world in a fresh and enthusiastic manner, but couldn’t see themselves in the same way. Our strategy focused on pride. We reframed their outward message as one proud of their fresh, exciting and bold viewpoint. We reframed an introduction to Magna as an introduction to what could be, not what had always been. The brand challenged industry assumptions, allowing Magna to focus on underserved opportunities the industry overlooked.

The Power of an Open Mind

The power of an open mind was a clear stance against complacency and unimaginative investment. This single idea told potential partners to expect something different from Magna. We designed the look and feel to communicate the unconventional, but delivered with confidence and precision. From the sales outreach, to office design, to the signature headphones, the new team was galvanized and empowered to find and do unexpected deals. 

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