Staking a Claim In The Revolution

N of One is a pioneer in the emerging bio-informatics industry. An industry that is yet to precisely define itself. CO OP was engaged to create a focused and differentiated position for the company.

Creating a Class of One

Business consulting helped identify the white space, and the language to define both the company and its unique position in the industry.

A Brand That Visually Tells the Story

Visual iconography that dramatizes making sense out of organic data. Demonstrating the precision, modernity and energy of the company.

Partner Point of View
The arrival of new management and a new business vision prompted the renovation of the brand. We are proud that our work brought the company to the attention of the broader industry and fueled a successful sale of  the company

Simon Hunter
Partner, Chief Innovation Officer





Boston, MA

Brand Works:

Brand strategy, Identity, Website, Sales Collateral