Stake Claim in an Expanding Market Niche

The ability to map an individual’s genomes has stirred a revolution in the medical field. In the field of oncology, being able to precisely identify a cancerous genome has allowed doctors to create therapies uniquely designed to target that specific genome. The cure for cancer—once a farfetched theory—is suddenly just around the corner.

N-of-One offers a highly valuable service, operating as a critical stage in the chain of testing and diagnosis processes. However, as science has advanced and the field has grown, their powerful offer was being drowned out by other companies that only offered small, isolated aspects of N-of-One’s diagnostic. CO OP created a brand that worked to help them define and own their unique sector, setting the groundwork for market leadership.

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While N of One offers a broad set of services, it was vital that simplify and summarize their offer to drive consumer understanding and differentiation against more opaque competitors. So we created a new definition for the category: Molecular Decision Support. This positioned them squarely where value was created in the market and not where commoditization was rampant.

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The visual identity needed to reflect the complexity of the work that N of One do; and also demonstrate how they see meaning and order in that complexity. At its simplest: we needed people to understand that “N-of-One” literally means personalized and unique.

We created a full suite of marketing tools, from business development decks to digital materials. We brought the brand to life within the corporate environment, too, aligning and invigorating the internal team.

Partner Point of View
This is an extremely high science category-the world of genomic mutation and personalized medicine is an esoteric field. It took a lot of smarts to understand how to simplify this story to make the brand come to life in a fittingly unique manner.

Simon Hunter
Partner, Chief Innovation Officer






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