Next Science

Trust the Science

Commercializing a breakthrough technology required us to create scientific credibility even before we had the proof of clinical trials. From the naming and clinical design to the strategic focus on the initial product range CO OP aligned all initiatives behind a simple but powerful business and brand strategy.

 Radically Simple Communications

From the drama of the MOA video to the restrained elegance of the Acne Gel packaging every piece of communication needed to be understated, definitive and anti-marketing hype.

Business Acceleration

Commercializing the first two products in a rich pipeline; empowering a sales force through compelling tools.

Partner Point of View

“CO OP was privileged to take an active role in all of the  strategic, scientific, sales and marketing initiatives within the company. Our journey started with the initial conversations around creating the name of the company. And now Next Science is a $1B post IPO company”

Simon Hunter
Partner, Chief Innovation Officer



Next Science


Jacksonville, FL

Brand Work:

Business Strategy, Product Strategy, Brand Strategy, Identity, Environments, Website, Sales Tools, Trade Shows, Product Design, Packaging