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Plant Botanical

Los Angeles, CA
Simone Wan, CEO of Plant Botanical LLC

Creating a Healthier/ Better Alcohol

Plant’s founder, Simone Wan, wanted to revolutionize the alcohol industry by creating a better, healthier and purpose driven brand. Its origins were rooted in her personal story when an explosion left – 11% of her face, shoulder and hip burned  with 2nd/3rd degree burns. After almost a month in ICU and a year in recovery, she became dependent on opioid drugs. Her solution – use Chinese herbs remedies to rid herself of the addiction. As a  doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she then decided to help others by infusing products with Chinese herbs that bettered their lives. And as she loved a good drink, why not make an alcohol that’s healthier and better for you. Plant Botanical was born.

Alcohol With Benefits

The hard seltzer industry introduces almost 800 new Ready to Drink (RTD’s) brands every year; about 5 make it through the crowd to national distribution. The vodka category is equally challenging. CO OP’s strategy – develop a brand that transformed Simone’s health experience and alternative medicine expertise into a fun, engaging “alcohol with benefits” brand that health conscious Gen Z and Millennials want in their choices today. The embodiment of that brand – the bottles and cans – needed to scream fun, connected and healthy.

A Purpose-Driven Brand

Our name was the cornerstone of this strategy: Plant tells people it’s healthy (there’s no other plant based vodkas on the market), different (there’s no other alcohol brand with functional botanicals on the market), and better for you. The can and bottle design needed to take that idea one step further – bright, colorful,  tasty and enticing. We then created a series of marketing tools that showcased this exciting brand initially for investors and then for consumers.

How We Made
Plant Botanical

Market Research
Brand Strategy
Verbal Identity
Visual Identity
Package Design
Print Design
Web Design & Development
Investment Tools


package design: Seltzerland’s 2021


seltzer: Seltzerland’s 2021


raised: Series A investment in 4 months


national retailers sell Plant: Target, Wholefoods, Total Wine, Pavillon and Walmart

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