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New York, NY

Maximizing Tenant Happiness

Starrett-Lehigh is recognized as one of the most architecturally iconic buildings in New York City, housing an impressive roster of famous companies who have made their mark on the cultural landscape. RXR purchased the building – 90% leased up at the time – and hired CO OP to create a strong brand with the goal of increasing rents. To keep tenants happy, RXR planned to invest $24 million into the building infrastructure – everything from replacing the curved windows to updating the common spaces and offering better food options.

Understanding the Creative Class

To find the tenant’s happy place, we first needed to understand the tenants – everyone from executives to assistants. So, we asked questions and listened. We researched and brainstormed. We learned. Turns out, the tenants loved the old, industrial (leaky) windows. The stairwells were full of character. The historic, truck-sized loading docks on each floor were simply a missed opportunity. And most importantly, we found a group of tenants full of latent talent waiting to connect.

A Home for Manufacturing Creativity

And so ‘Project Cup of Sugar’ was born. The idea was based on building and activating the tenant community. We encouraged tenants to connect and share talent via a building intranet and social media. We worked with RXR to bring in the Center for Social Innovation, a co-working space dedicated to social good. The huge loading docks became food halls as food trucks went up the elevators floor by floor and tenants used social media to communicate that day’s menu. We let the tenants be the stars by displaying their work in the lobby. Best part, RXR no longer needed to spend the full $24 million on building improvements.

How We Made

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
Brand Campaign
Brand and Digital Activation
Website Strategy and Design
Print and Collateral
Lobby Redesign
Signage & Wayfinding


increase in rents within 6 months of brand launch


leased up


media stories including a feature in the New York Times


different cuisines served in the food halls

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