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Television City

Los Angeles, CA
Hackman Capital Partners

New Hollywood Fit

Hollywood is changing. Content is the new word. It’s leaner, lighter, more diverse, but even more established in tinsel town. Where ownership used to be focused on principle studios – Paramount, Universal, Sony – today’s leading content providers – Netflix, Amazon, Apple – search for independent studios to provide the needed production capabilities. Hackman Capital Partners (HCP) was an early financial mover into the changing world of Hollywood Studios.

TVC 2050

Enter Television City. Built in 1953 as CBS’ west coast production facility, it is home to historical titles and today’s cutting edge shows. HCP acquired Television City and began it’s fifty year plan to reestablish it as Los Angeles’ most capable new content studio. CO OP stepped in to help HCP position the studio to the market, the community, and the public approval process. We collaborated with ownership, architects, and community advisers to create a brand to work for the life of their ambitious plan. We started with the name. We proposed using the shortened TVC and redesigning the brand’s entire feel to signal its foundation in the rich past and clear direction toward a promising future. Our brand process created this naming approach and the digital-first brand identity.

Born In LA

In the very near future, the community, the entertainment industry, and visitors to the studio will see the new branding gracing the side of the building. When William Pereira designed the studio for CBS in the mid-century, he envisioned a true city within its bounds. The new brand is as foundational as the studio and as inclusive as Los Angeles. It will be the communication platform showcasing the invigorating, human-first, and ambitious nature of TVC 2050.

How We Made
Television City

Creative Strategy
Verbal Identity
Visual Identity
Art Direction

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