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The Wink

Washington, DC
Brookfield Properties

Business meets pleasure

Brookfield Property Group acquired an older Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C. Their goal was to create a new brand for the hotel to reposition it from a primarily corporate destination to a fun and lively spot. It was to be a hotel to attract leisure travelers and locals. We needed to create a brand and vision that would maintain its current client base, while encouraging new audiences to join in on the fun.

An Invitation to Live a Little Louder

CO OP created “The Wink,” a new hotel with a zest for life that is inviting, stimulating, comfortable and lively. We created a visual identity that would stand out among all the other hotel offerings in the D.C. marketplace. We used bold imagery ranging from classic pin-up girls winking, to playful doodles on old portraits to wink emojis.

Creating an unforgettable experience

In order to ensure a seamless customer experience, we created a suite of marketing collateral tools intended to mimic that life zest.  From the moment a customer checks in, they’re greeted with witty collateral. Inside their room, the standard in-room guide is replaced by a book filled with unexpected imagery and content. We even redesigned the food and beverage menus to carry the brand through every touchpoint of the stay. Now the hotel has remarkable flavor for all travelers.

How We Made
The Wink

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
In-Room Collateral
Food & Beverage Collateral


rooms repositioned as The Wink


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