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West Harbor

San Pedro, CA
The Ratkovich Company & Jerico Development Inc.

Aligning Ambitions

West Harbor will be the most imaginative and impactful development on the LA Waterfront. The team charged with bringing the place to life chose to breathe new life into their public efforts. CO OP joined them to rename, re-strategize, and redesign the brand. Formerly San Pedro Public Market, the development had ambitions to be larger, more ambitious and more meaningful than a mere retail experience. 

Opening a World-Class Waterfront

West Harbor’s brand look and feel harkens back to the area’s history. Using International Signal Flags as our basis, the West Harbor identity uses the nautical language to show visitors and audiences what West Harbor is. With a simple system of flag-based icons, the identity allows the brand to work at many levels. Across communications, onsite wayfinding, and future expansion, the brand is present and informative. West Harbor will be new energy for Los Angeles and the city of San Pedro. Building on the historical and present strength of the LA Waterfront, it is positioned to be the future for what a waterside experience can be.

Reimagining an LA Experience

CO OP began with a rigorous naming process. Weighing many options, West Harbor was chosen as the new name. This larger-than-life name works to expand the development’s impact, fit into Los Angeles lore, and steal new attention from other California regions. A new brand story accompanied the name’s creation. Focusing on the inventive efforts of the development team, the story reinvents a once-known and now unused destination into the next place to be and see. With a new name, a new story, alignment in the development team, and a strategic plan, CO OP executed the brand design.

How We Made
West Harbor

Brand Story
Visual Identity
Activation Plan
Website Redesign


major new retail development launched in Los Angeles post Covid-19


seat amphitheatre built by anchor tenant Nederlander Concerts


infrastructure investment by the Port of LA at West Harbor


restaurant & market concepts from The Albright (Greg Morena), Gladstones, & Mama Terano (Robert Bell)

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