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The People
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CO OP doesn’t just hire designers, strategists, or account managers. CO OP hires people.

Our holistic, collaborative approach taps into each team member's personal passions and experiences, in addition to professional expertise. When forming project teams, we consider both the skill sets and personality types required to make that project successful. Through smart creativity and a wholly human perspective, we produce work that breaks industry standards and creates true impact.

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Simon Hunter
Partner, Chief Innovation Officer

Paul Newman
Partner, Chief Creative Officer

Jim Moran
Partner, Chief Executive Officer


Ashleigh Payne
Director of Client Services


Ian Lewis Campbell
Senior Strategist

Cressida Payavis
Director of Design

John Dodig



Crystal T. Isley
Client Development Manager

Sean Phillips
VP, Client Development


Chris Langlois
Implementation Manager

Rachel Young
Creative Operations Manager


Lois Campbell
AP & AR Manager

Matthew Kearney

Daniel Yang
EVP, Controller