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Hannah Huff

Strategic Intern

Hannah has a cheerful and sunny disposition; she is also goal-oriented and tenacious. She is relentless about identifying elusive, ambiguous problems and seeking insights in unexpected places, ultimately leading clients leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Hannah is fascinated by the intersection of strategy, design, and experience. Trained as an architect, she is a keen observer of the way people live in and perceive environments. She believes that brands are at their best when they create immersive, compelling experiences. Design and strategy work hand-in-hand to give these experiences color and substance.

Hannah has worked at architecture offices in Chicago and New York and has traveled to Santiago, Mexico City, Paris, and Milan for her work.

Hannah is an avid runner. She has run both the Houston and Boston marathons. Her next goal is to scale down to a half marathon (which she has never done). She hopes to one day use running as an excuse to travel the world.

Hannah earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Rice University in Houston, TX, where she also learned to line dance and appreciate a perfect taco.

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