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Jim Moran

Partner, Chief Executive Officer

I'm the incurable, optimistic entrepreneur who drives the ship. With an ever-present smile and boundless energy, I’m always looking for practical solutions that maximize the potential of our clients. I'm a bit competitive (you have to be when you work with two English partners), but it drives my passion for the betterment of CO OP’s clients and our team. I’m the think big, ‘why can’t we do it’ person who loves to build things (Lego was my childhood toy of choice). It’s why I love to make brands work — visualize, motivate, build, and assess.

I’m very fortunate to have had a robust and diverse life education. My first two life coaches were my parents who schooled me growing up in the North Shore of Boston; yes, I’m a Sox and Pats fan. Dad taught me integrity, the Irish gift of the gab, and the ability to laugh at anything. He also convinced me at the age of four that I was going to be President of the United States one day. My Sicilian mom was all about loyalty and hard work. I was then disciplined by Xaverian Brothers at St. John’s Prep who taught me how to write (thanks Mr. Davis and Mr. Huckins) and constantly question why. I spent four incredible years at Connecticut College connecting with people who were shaped by different ideas and life experiences. It molded me. But most importantly, I’ve learned the lessons of life (being a good man, husband, and father) from my wife and two children.

Work took me in a totally different direction.

My first big jobs in visual communication were at Olive Jar Animation (thanks Matt and Fred) and Pittard Sullivan where I was schooled as a creative producer. Then there was Attik, the place where I got my “MBA.” Running the largest office in the Attik “empire” was the most intense, hands-on, practical experience both personally and professionally (thank you all, my brothers). And now I’ve spent the last 15 years learning patience, balance, and courage with the smart, talented partners and co-workers of CO OP.

I’ve had some incredible experiences throughout the course of my career. Speaking at Tedx and the Tate Gallery in London was truly inspiring. Working in China for 75 days with the Rockefeller family to brand one of the country’s largest mixed-use developments was eye-opening. Producing two awarding-winning short films early in my career while balancing a full-time job was exhausting, but very cool. Walking around major cities in the U.S. and seeing the volume of iconic real estate CO OP has branded makes me incredibly proud.

But best of all is waking up every day to face the ups and downs of running a business. It’s been humbling, exciting, and awesome. Now for my next 25 years...

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