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Set a New Path for the Future of a Historic Place

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is New York’s largest industrial complex. Since 1981, the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation (BNYDC) has been responsible for developing and leasing buildings at the Yard, offering affordable rent and tenant resources in their mission to create quality jobs and growth in the city’s industrial sector.

The Yard’s rich history has helped the BNYDC create and curate the community of industrial makers that exists there today. However, the redevelopment of Building 77, complete with a public food hall and 1 million square feet of premium commercial space, marks a turning point for the Yard—from walled-off to public, affordable to attractive, historic to future-forward. Brand needed to dispel the old, military connotations of the Yard, and create a place for new companies, technologies, and histories to be built.




Walled-off and gated, the Yard has historically been closed to the public. However, with the a new food hall, grocery store, event venues and coworking space on the horizon, the Yard is beginning to open up. These resources are valuable to the underserved community surrounding the Yard; we needed brand to help ensure success with the greater public. The identity we created appealed to New Yorker’s taste for industrial spaces and craft goods, but stayed true to the BNYDC’s fierce dedication to their mission and their tenants.



The BNYDC has implemented a shuttle system for employees, closing the void in public transportation and enhancing their tenant offering—and providing an opportunity for the brand to have a presence beyond the Yard itself. The shuttles are WiFi enabled with a mobile tracking app; we designed them as proof of the Yard’s dedication to tenants and an industrial future.



The top two floors of Building 77 offer state-of-the-art, premium office space with unprecedented views of Brooklyn, the Yard, and Manhattan over the East River. For these floors, the BNYDC sought a tenant that represented both longstanding industrial mission and new focus on the future. Rather than a traditional marketing approach, we developed a 5-part manifesto that set the tone and expectation of BNYDC’s mission, and flattered like minded companies who would be an active and visible addition to the Yard community.




Partner Point of View

BNY is more than a place; it's an organization with a clear mission. It's an exciting opportunity to create a brand that makes a real difference in transforming people's lives—those who are building businesses in the Yard, those that are creating jobs, and the surrounding communities that benefit. Brand literally makes work, work.