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Cambridge Crossing

Creating “A Home For Brave Ideas”

Cambridge Crossing is the largest mixed-use work, live and play development site in Cambridge MA.

Brand Opportunity
Innovation defines Cambridge, MA. It is home to MIT and Harvard, Google and Kayak, pharmaceutical giants and the smallest of start ups. The challenge for a new real estate development is how to create a new kind of place – a place of innovation, not just a place for innovators.

Cambridge Crossing is the largest development site in Cambridge and had enormous potential to offer much needed space for an integrated work, live and play place. But until DivcoWest bought the Northpoint site, it had the reputation of another stalled project. There was no clear understanding of what kind of place this should be or why anyone should want to be part of it.

CO OP identified the unique character of the Cambridge Crossing brand by defining it as the third important geographical point in Cambridge, where Harvard Square and Kendall Square represented the old school of innovation and now Cambridge Crossing represents a fresh, ambitious and unconventional approach. We called this the Cambridge Triangle. From the integration of lab, office, residential and retail space to the intriguing activation of the space, everything about this development demonstrates an amplified experience – one that appeals to the brave.

Brand Identity

CO OP created a placemaking strategy that gave CX a real purpose and identity – one that clearly differentiated the place from other Cambridge innovation enclaves.  Everything about Cambridge Crossing drives better interactions – we called this idea “The Interaction Amplifier.”  X marks the spot for innovation in the brand identity.


Partner Point of View

CX is a transformational real estate brand that will change Cambridge while adding another dimension to its innovative landscape. CO OP's goal was to develop an aspirational place that amplified the constant changing lifestyle within the Boston/Cambridge area. The team is incredibly excited about this launch and the future of Cambridge Crossing.