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Maintain Leadership Through Brand Evolution

For over 125 years, Houlian-Lawrence has dominated the real estate market in Westchester, New York and surrounding counties. A heritage brand with traditional style, the brokerage owed its continual success to an exceptional reputation—however, with new competitive threats in the market, Houlihan-Lawrence recognized the need to evolve as a brand and company in order to stay ahead.

Houlihan-Lawrence maintained a lead of 4 times the market share than that of its nearest competitor. With an advantage like that, rebranding was not an obvious decision. However, working with CO OP, the company smartly recognized emerging threats to their position; the shifting attitudes of young buyers and sellers; the refreshed design and engagement of other brands; new technologies championed by newer competitors. CO OP worked closely with Houlihan-Lawrence’s agents and brokers to develop a brand that galvanized the company’s tradition and reputation, but worked to establish a contemporary and technological competitive edge.





With over 1000 agents in the field, it was critical to align everyone working for Houlihan-Lawrence behind a fresh vision for the company. CO OP spent hours meeting with agents to understand what would provide valuable to them on a daily basis, and to ensure trust in our recommendations; the brand worked because it was adopted wholeheartedly by everyone who represented the company.





For Houlihan-Lawrence’s digital presence, CO OP set out with the mission to create the best website in real estate. We started by understanding how consumers want the online experience to work and their unmet needs. Then we combined it with technological innovation, from a sophisticated but effortless personalization, to embedded data feeds, to a back end that gave agents unique market insights. The site not only looks elegant—it offers consumers an elegant user experience, too.



Partner Point of View

This was a case of brand therapy, helping a company find itself. Houlihan Lawrence is smart and forward-thinking, qualities which were completely smothered by a traditional corporate facade. We set the horses free—literally and figuratively—to express what makes them the best choice.