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Connect Culture to Business to Challenge Tradition

Joshua Sason began investing in penny-stocks from his college dormitory in 2009, with a small loan and no training in finance. In a few short years, he had transformed that small loan into Magna, a New York-based investment firm with over $200 million invested in unconventional and innovative opportunities. In an industry dominated by tradition, Magna’s young, creative perspective set them apart—as did their returns.

But despite the originality of their perspective, culture, and investments, the way they came to life in the market was quite conventional. Their brand design and expression reflected a traditional, old-school financial firm, not the different kind of investors that they are. We needed to capture their strong internal culture and brings it to life externally to create a brand that was intriguing and valuable for partnerships and deals they needed.




The brand idea “the power of an open mind” took a bold stance and turned their openness of character into their greatest strength.


By capturing Magna’s unique culture and approach through smart design and open, accessible language, we helped partners pre-align, self-select, and set expectations for working with magna. This brand works to make more successful partnerships.


The punctuation mark of the dot is about being conversational and definitive, speaking simply and clearly. It acts as a piece of language and provides the openness to include other pieces of language between Magna and the dot. This attention to smart design stood out in the category, and gave them the bold sophistication they needed.






Partner Point of View

It takes a brave company to to zag when the competition all zig. But Magna recognized that they were different, and saw that they needed to start thinking of their difference as a strength, not a weakness. Brand empowered the clients to be true to themselves in a market that tends to stifle originality.