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Prove the Authenticity of a New Place

Delancey Street Associates had a bold vision for the former SPURA site in the heart of the Lower East Side. 10 buildings, 1.9 million square feet of residential, commercial, and retail space. It’s main artery was a new marketplace: The Market Line.

The brand needed to prove to the neighborhood that The Market Line belongs, and prove to retailers that it’s different from the other food halls dominating New York’s food scene. So we focused the brand & communications on two tenets: Don’t claim authenticity, act authentically. Demonstrate this place is the only marketplace evolved of a century of LES market traditions.essex-crossing-placemaking-branding-10


“The brand identity had to capture the heritage, culture, and excitement of the LES. The logo ties the market back to the neighborhood, and interacts with imagery and language that express the pride and spirit of the LES”




Knowing our communications had to engage a skeptical but curious local audience. we took our message to the streets to hear from residents, business owners, and visitors. At a local block party, we asked people, “How You LES?”. This gave us a platform to share the vision of The Market Line and stir word-of-mouth marketing, while creating content to help support and express that vision.




To stand apart from the numerous food halls opening around New York City, we claimed ownership of The Market Line as “The City’s Marketplace.” A marketplace that embodies everything The City stands for, and setting it in the broader context of great marketplaces around the world.









Partner Point of View

In a city full of master-planned developments, this was one of the biggest. Our approach was to brand this project as the anti-development, a fabric that weaved a bold urban vision of community, culture and inclusion into the Lower East Side.

This was one of the most significant economic, social, and diverse mixed income neighborhoods in the Northeast today.