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Greenfield ATF

Greenfield Corporate Center

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
High Real Estate Group LLC

Modest Prestige

Greenfield is the flagship of High Real Estate, with a large campus that is multi-use and convenient access. However, the existing brand did not represent the scale, importance, and dynamism of this place. Our challenge was to clarify what this place was about, build a platform for growth, and attract new people to continue putting life into this property. We needed to build a new,  fresh, and proud brand for Greenfield. 

Human values breath freshness into brand

High have a powerful corporate commitment to a higher purpose. This is reflected in High’s care and attention to this campus. It is not just about managing property assets but a true commitment to creating community and sustainability. Thus when articulating this brand, we took the Green part of Greenfield as our inspiration. A place for new roots and a sense of freshness from the new contemporary and distinctive identity to a wide-reaching activation plan.

Not just about promises but proving them

The real power of the brand came from defining and implementing the deployment plan. It was not just about what High promised to do but the everyday proof of their commitment. This helped to build on and consolidate a fresh reputation for Greenfield attracting new businesses and residents to the site.


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