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Radiohead. The Brand.

By Paul Newman, Founding Partner – CCO
What’s sort of cool about our CO OP motto is not only are we dedicated to making brands work, we seek brands that are already working for inspiration. So here’s one that works bloody well! (well for me anyway) Radiohead. Yes, Radiohead. Bands are brands, too.
At CO OP, we always feel there should be an underlying reason or philosophy at the heart of a brand for it to be unique and memorable and successful, and all those other things a brand needs to be. So “Radiohead” the name was taken from a Talking Heads song… That’s a good enough reason for me because they’re my favorite band/brand in the whole wide world! And, they’ve just been inducted into the Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame. (apparently they couldn’t give a rats arse about this hahaha!)
As you can probably tell I’m a bit Radiohead myself. As Thom apparently once said, “It’s easier being miserable. Being Happy is tougher… And cooler.” But for all my sarcasm, these boys are incredibly gifted and talented. I have to admit, i was a bit of a late Radiohead starter. Creep, at the time felt like another grudge band song and i never really liked it that much until i heard them play it live last year and then i really got it. But for me it was from “The Bends” on that they have continually kept me captivated, intrigued, gobsmacked, happy, sad and loyal – all the things a good brand should do for you. So why Radiohead then? What is it that makes them work?
Radiohead, the brand constantly continues to explore and push for what it believes in. Its humanity. It’s music. it’s responsibility. Setting inspiring standards in the volatile and ugly  industry it plays within. A brand that truly is comfortable being itself
and has memorable long lasting qualities that are never compromised. There are many good band brands, but for me none have hit the creative touchpoints and get emotive juices going like Radiohead, the brand.
Radiohead Brand Platform
So for all of you who know nothing about them, here is a (brand) introduction:

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