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Capitalize on Limitless Potential

Next Science came to us with a discovery: they had developed a chemical compound that was inexpensive, easy to make, completely non-toxic, and more effective than any other antibacterial (prescription, over-the-counter, industrial-strength, or otherwise) on the market today. It’s also the only product in existent that is proven effective against biofilms—bacterial communities that are up to 1000x more resistant to existing antibiotics than planktonic (individual) bacteria.

The applications for Next Science Technology are virtually limitless; from household cleaning to hospital sanitization, acne gel and mouthwash to chronic wound care and surgical dressing. However, these industries are dominated by industry giants with powerful R&D divisions, and regulatory agencies did not formally acknowledge the existence of biofilms, and had no process in place for approving biofilm-fighting claims. Working closely with the client and investors, CO OP built a brand designed to navigate the regulatory process and strategically break into monopolized markets to capitalize on the potential of Next Science.



Working directly with the lab team at Next Science, we molded their scientific mechanism of action into a human, coherent narrative. With the help of Hybrid Medical Animation, we developed a stunning, CGI video that effectively demonstrated the technology for investors, medical professionals and patients, while maintaining a high level of scientific credibility.



The Next Science brand truly shaped the direction and success of the company. We developed a comprehensive product launch and growth marketing plan designed to put investment behind the most effective products and initiatives, leveraging word-of-mouth and doctor advocacy.






Though biofilms are a prevalent and pervasive threat to human health, they are are little understood by the governments, doctors, and patients. Through smart content development and close attention to tone and voice, we created communications that served to educate viewers on the threat of biofilms and the role they play in everyday ailments and infections, helping drive demand for Next Science technology.

Partner Point of View

From the day we started working together, Next Science welcomed our input at all levels of the company's thinking. It was a real privilege to have such an impact on shaping the company and it's future.