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CO OP West is Officially Open For Business

After working in California for the past two years, we’ve opened our new office in the heart of DTLA. We’re thrilled to expand our destination footprint in La La Land.

With our new LA office comes our new fearless leader and Managing Director, Sy Kraft. Sy joins the team after spending the bulk of his career at prominent ad agencies and in hospitality. We got the chance to sit down and ask Sy a few questions about himself and his thoughts on the new office location.

How would you describe the “Sy Kraft” brand?

I have a New York state of mind, but a California delivery.

Overall that’s a tough one. Maybe not having a “brand” is a brand in itself. I feel everyone’s past leads to the further evolution of their own brand. That being said I’ve borrowed attributes from my father (born 1923), my mom (born 1946), and my life experiences living working domestically and across the globe. I like my friends’ art, all music, love to explore, my motorized means of transportation and life in general.

What are you most excited about for CO OP West?

CO OP has been doing business on the West Coast for years, but making the investment to put physical roots down here is exciting. West Coast clients like to work closely with West Coast agencies that “get” the local culture, pace and nuances unique to the market. This expansion allows CO OP to also share its unique approach to the work and thinking with more brands and enables us to share our philosophical approach more broadly. I think it’s special and we feel others will too.

Why do you think DTLA was the best place for the new office?

DTLA is booming. The resurgence that is taking place right before our eyes makes having an office at its center a great way to stay on top of trends, see who and what is setting them and then apply it to our business while helping shape the culture ourselves. It’s great to be a part of. 10 years ago DTLA was dead after 7pm, now it’s a hub of activity and action.

Personally, what is your favorite part about Los Angeles and the “Cali lifestyle”?

It’s one of the few places you can go on a hike, snowboard, ski and hit the beach all in a single day. Granted it would be a long day, but definitely doable. I also like the driving culture. So many complain about the traffic but if you love cars, motorcycles, scooters (SO many Birds), this is the place for you. Granted some say “LA is a mile wide and an inch deep,” but I love how creative everyone is and how hard they work to “make it.” It’s a special kind of struggle and something I enjoy being immersed in everywhere I go.

What do you hope CO OP West can accomplish in the future?

CO OP West has aspirations to build upon its reputation of being the world’s largest destination brand agency by adding to its current roster of brands we work with in other verticals. This is not a daunting task based on the talent we have in-house across all offices. Our co-operative model is sustainable for the very long term and as we continue to grow, CO OP West in particular will play a critical role in helping expand to other countries and abroad, not just across our northern and southern borders but across the Pacific as well. Oh, it’s happening!

To read more about Sy, check out his full bio here.