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Creative That Works: February

Our hearts are with the fashion community this week as the world mourns the loss of creative extraordinaire Karl Lagerfeld. Alongside his work with other notable brands, Lagerfeld acted as creative director for luxury high fashion company Chanel. This month for ‘Creative That Works’ we would like to celebrate and share Chanel’s ‘Inside CHANEL’ creative video campaign.

‘Inside CHANEL’ chronicles the company’s brand story from the start in chapters and successfully appeals to a digitally native consumer base. Although the campaign was launched back in 2013, the work is timeless. Its success goes to show how influential a brand’s narrative can be in personifying big-name companies like Chanel who may struggle to connect with a younger audience: those who have grown up in an internet world where they are exposed to thousands of brands a day. We appreciate the campaign’s ability to utilize multimedia elements to manifest the iconic brand in a way that is extremely engaging.

To view the entire collection of videos, visit the ‘Inside CHANEL’ microsite here.

Chronicles of a Luxury Brand

Campaign: ‘Inside CHANEL’
All Credit to the Company: CHANEL
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