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Creative That Works: March

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we spent some time thinking about all of the creative work that couldn’t have existed without women. From women-empowerment campaigns to the disruptive companies launched by a team of ingenious females, searching for one creative piece to honor this month was an ambitious feat. Instead, for March’s ‘Creative That Works’ we’ve decided to celebrate women by showcasing a creative place, and we’ve put Luminary in the spotlight.

A Safe Haven for the Ambitious Girl
Creative Place: Luminary

Luminary is New York City’s premier collaboration hub for women who are passionate about professional development and expanding their networks. A work space constructed for women who are eager to succeed, Luminary provides a safe haven for those crave connectivity and a place to work free of any judgement or a sense of alienation.
But with all of the niche co-working spaces that seemingly pop-up over night, what about this space makes it so different and creative? For starters, we appreciate Luminary’s simplistic, chic interior layout that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also conducive to productivity. While developing and designing the space, creators made sure that every detail was aligned with the grand vision of connectivity in mind. We spoke to Erica Lerner, the Chief Operating Officer and acting Chief Financial Officer at Luminary to learn a little more about what makes this place unique.

“Our space cultivates community, collaboration, connectedness and a sense of belonging that they wouldn’t otherwise have in a different type of space,” Lerner mentions, “And I think that the way that we’ve designed it and the way that it was laid out; from everything from the wine on tap, to the way the furniture is set up, you really have everything you need in one space. It’s everything relevant to what a woman needs to further herself, career and life beyond.” Lerner notes that the main component that differentiates Luminary is that “members really feel a sense of belonging.” It is unique because it eliminates the pretension typically associated with swanky clubs and allows anyone to become a member if they desire with no application required.

In addition to the design and strong community, Luminary goes beyond your standard conference rooms, pods and free cold brew and offers lifestyle-focused amenities like fitness classes and blowouts courtesy of Glam + Go. As Luminary looks to grow and welcome even more members, it will continue to search for engaging ways to gather the motivated. Stay tuned for the Luminary rooftop opening this summer and even more ways for women to create, connect and form indelible bonds.

All credit for photos goes to Luminary’s Instagram account. Follow them here.

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