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Our Brand Evolution

What began one afternoon as a back-of-the-napkin idea at an LPQ in SoHo has turned into an eighteen year old company that is much more than just an ordinary agency. In fact, the infancy of CO OP’s business model was to really be the “anti-agency.” After spending years grinding in the sometimes toxic environments of large agencies, co-founders Jim Moran and Paul Newman knew it didn’t have to be that way. They created CO OP based on two principles; collaboration and opportunity. They believed you don’t need hierarchy, egos and antiquated processes to make great work.

As the head of marketing at CO OP, it’s certainly my job to drink the proverbial kool-aid, but I believe there’s something very special about this company. Perhaps it’s the relationships built between colleagues, the innovative ideas shared, or the undying commitment to betterment.

Like many companies in our industry, the past few months presented new challenges, but also new opportunities. It was an opportunity for the team to reflect, expand our thinking, and create a new website representative of CO OP’s origin, journey and destination.

As we approached launch day for the new CO OP website, I asked three of the partners to share a few words on what this new website represents, what it took to get here, and what it means for the company moving forward.


“Nostalgic, proud and forward is what this website represents for me after our 18 year journey. What’s exciting is that this site gives new and existing clients and CO OPer’s an inside view into our amazing team and the outstanding work we produce. It truly charges me to see how we’ve maximized the potential of so many brands and people over these years. And we’re just warming up. I welcome you to CO OP and how We Make Brands Work!” 

Jim Moran, Co-Founder & CEO

“CO OP – it’s origin, purpose and mission was designed around the idea to always be better. Nearly two decades later, it is still the fundamental beating heart of why we exist and thrive for making brands work. By always being honest with ourselves, always pushing each other to dig deeper and always making sure we are working together to crack strategic creative ideas everyday. It’s everything our new website represents.”

Paul Newman,  Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

“The new website is strong, impactful and definitive. It’s non-apologetic and punchy. We’ve always been a creative and strategically smart company, but our new website really shows how critical that decisive thinking is to help brands navigate today. It shows that we walk the walk.”

Simon Hunter, Partner & Chief Innovation Officer

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