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N of One

Boston, MA
Corporate Rebrand

Staking a claim in the revolution

N of One is a pioneer in the emerging bio-informatics industry, an industry that is yet to precisely define itself. They carved out a unique space analyzing raw individual genomic data and turning it into actionable insights for pathologists and oncologists. However, a mass of new entrants all promising conflicting options meant that N of One needed to create a focused and differentiated position to drive success.

Creating a class of one

The industry is described in many ways; ‘personalized medicine,’ ‘bio-informatics,’ ‘medical data sciences,’ and others. All this did was to make N of One seem as if they lacked services that ‘competitors’ promoted. So, we created and promoted a new industry, where N of One was the defining and unique brand: the molecular decision support company. A unique brand and story became the focal point for driving the business.

A focal point among dynamic change

By clarifying the unique offering of N of One, the business was able to drive relevance and usage among customers. It attracted like-minded staff to service the growth and, more importantly, to attract the eyes of potential acquisition. Even after two acquisitions, it is testament to the single-minded power of the brand that the identity and language have remained consistent.

How We Made
N of One

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