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Cleveland, OH
Dwellworks Property Advisors

Reimagining Relocation

The world of corporate relocation has been transformed by the new ways of working:; an increasingly independent workforce demands a more independent approach. However, there are very limited resources dedicated to helping someone navigate the relocation process from half-way across the country (or planet.) Our challenge was to create a new business strategy, brand and communication tools to make self-relocation a reality.

Transforming Brokers Into “Life Agents”

Starting with an almost blank canvas, we focused the business strategy on the human insights and decision-making process that goes into relocating. We also began to understand the emerging types of ‘self-relocators’ and their needs. Although rooted in real estate services, the appointed team of “Life Agents” do more than just find you an apartment. Their services extended to help with getting a new driver’s licence, opening bank accounts or finding the right bike shop. The Life Agents took on a broader set of responsibilities to do everything to help clients to live their lives fully from day one in a new city.

A Home for Modern Mobility

The name Station refers both to the destination of your travels and also your station in life. Consciously different from traditional relocation firms and real estate brokerages, the brand brings innovation and brand confidence to make it comfortably mentioned in the same breath as Uber and AirBNB. Station has the same ambition to be the definition of modern mobility, inspiring customers and warmly inviting them into their new cities.

How we made
Station work

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