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The Rise of Cannabis Brands: A Q&A with InnDica

As a leading destination brand company, we are constantly expanding our realm of destination expertise and trying to stay on top of trends- whether it be modular housing, new hospitality concepts, or the boom of cannabis. We had a chat with the founders of InnDica, Rick and Monique Fitzgerald, to hear their thoughts on the evolving cannabis industry and cannabis branding itself. InnDica is an online travel resource that is helping to shape and unite the cannabis community.

It’s an exciting time for the cannabis industry. What are your thoughts on the industry from a branding perspective?
Although there are many creative opportunities in the cannabis space there are just as many hurdles when developing a cannabis brand. Regulations are strict and ever-changing and limit marketing opportunities. You have to stay up on compliance and be ready to pivot with any change in regs. These restrictions should only challenge the industry to find more creative solutions. 

Is there any brand in the cannabis space you feel is leading the pack from a brand perspective? How so?
Lowell Farms is one of the leading cannabis brands and one of my personal favorites. They have beautiful branding that is carried across their entire business, from products to services. They’ve always found creative ways to engage with their current and future clients all while maintaining strict compliance to the cannabis regulations. They’ve been able to create a buzz on their social networks and host regular private events for their customers and fellow brands to gather and learn more about them. They have also diversified their offerings significantly; starting as a cannabis product they are now opening the first cannabis café in the United States, located in West Hollywood, CA.

Do you think anything in the industry can be improved? If so, what and how?
Diversity, communication and education are lacking in the cannabis space. There are so many folks running toward the “green rush” without doing much, if any, investigation on the history and current issues surrounding this space. Social equity, expungement, gender equality are all extremely important but barely touched upon by many in the industry.

Do you have any predictions about the future of the industry and what this will mean for cannabis brands? 
I think the Federal Government will decriminalize cannabis in the next few years but it will come with significant changes in regulations. Cannabis brands and services need to be involved in the legislation process for any and all regulations at the local and state levels. This will help guide federal legislation when it’s finally being drafted. Otherwise we’re completely at the mercy of the folks that enact these regulations.

In what ways do you view cannabis as a destination/what ways do you think the cannabis industry can use physical space to its advantage?
The cannabis industry is ripe with tourism and travel destination opportunities. Everything from cannabis-friendly lodging and lounges to dispensary and grow tours. Platforms like ours,, are emerging as a resource for cannabis enthusiasts to find their next cannabis friendly destination and activities. There are many existing businesses and services incorporating cannabis into their business model. Cannabis tourism is trending now as more and more people travel to explore this emerging wellness movement. It isn’t necessarily about having a cannabis vacation, I believe it’s more important to be able to incorporate cannabis into our lifestyle, including travel and leisure.

Rick Fitzgerald and his wife Monique, founders of InnDica.

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